About Savannah’s Kitchen

Welcome to the Island!!

DecalThanks to all of the love and support for Savannah’s, the passion will grow as we expand into a physical location with full bar, Jamaican drinks, lunch, dinner, desserts, private parties, DJ, and more. This October we will begin our daily operation. So you can have the best in Caribbean cuisine!!

4017 Eastern Ave Baltimore Md. 21227

We at Savannah’s Kitchen want to give people a real taste of Caribbean cooking. The food is carefully and lovingly prepared to give our customers real, true West Indian, flavor. Savannah’s wants you to enjoy every bite and to know that you are getting authentic home cooking! The best Jamaican food truck has arrived.

Please don’t hesitate to make a comment below and testify to the excellent taste of Savannah’s Kitchen!

14 responses to “About Savannah’s Kitchen

  1. Shannon Glanville

    You are doing what most people dont get a chance to do, your chasing one of your dreams!!! Savannah, Ebony and I are so proud of you. Your food tastes phenomenal and is cooked with love. ORDER UP, lol . We love you bunches! xxoo

  2. Had Curry Chicken Salad, Jerk Chicken Salad, and Pineapple soda today at 300 N. Gay St. It was absolutely phenomenal. Savannah’s Kitchen makes me proud of Baltimore!

  3. Shaundalea

    Shawn, I am so proud of you!!! From the first time we met you talked about this journey and how you were going to make it happen…You deserve a pat on the back and should be so proud of yourself!!! The truck looks awesome and the food looks even better. Kiara and I are sending you lots of love from Canada. Wish I was there to work that truck with you…Love you lots and keep reaching for the stars, xoxo. Get ready Bmore, this is the real deal!!

  4. tamekia

    Shawn you are doing a good job.. your food is absolutely GOOD.. Keep up the good work ..

  5. Wanda B

    Oh, Savannah, won’t you come for me…………LOL (song???)…..I cannot stop thinking about that RED SNAPPER!!!! I need three (one for my co-worker). Please confirm that you will be at Baltimore and Charles today????? If not, tell me where I can find you so I can come and get my fish……………..LOL!!!!!!! I will not be satisfied, nor happy until I get it. Have a great morning and prayerfully, I will see you later…………..LOL and all giggly!!!!

  6. Wanda B

    I was running around like a mad woman trying to hunt down your truck. A few weeks back I had your red snapper for the first time. It was so delicious. I could not stop thinking about that tasty fish and I wanted it again. Well, yesterday, I went early to Baltimore and Charles, ordered and paid for three orders of the Red Snapper. I was not disappointed. The fish was absolutely wonderful, hot, tasty and delicious. I would recommend anyone who loves fish to try it. I can’t wait until you all are back in my area in about two weeks. There was a long line when I went to pick up my order and I love the Caribbean music. I was shaking my groove thing while I waited for my food. I suggest you pay for and place your order early, in advance. They run out of delicious food because of the high demand. You have a customer for life. Have a great day and an even better weekend!!!!!!!! BEST FISH EVER! Oh, I neglected to mention that my co-worker got the jerk chicken and she let me taste it and boy was that tasty and delicious and it was a lot for your money. Great food, great prices!!! Wanda B.

  7. Wanda B

    Where are you today (this week)…………….craving red snapper again!!!!!!

  8. FML

    Jerk chickenm wrap yum and the guy with dreads also yum

  9. Althea Glanville

    Hey cuz we are so proud of u. Continuous blessings to u. We are excited for u!! ♡

  10. Josh Austin

    I’m glad I still have that business card you gave me at Savage Fest – can’t wait to see/visit your place when it’s established! Your food is great!

    • michaelawoodjr

      Hello thank you. We are open part time right now so keep checking back to see when we r open. Next month we will be getting a regular schedule. I look forward to serving you.

  11. Alisa Clea

    Hello our school is having a family funday and we was wondering if you guys can come out to our funday and serve your food and make your money our funday is June 12th from 10am till 2pm thanks

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